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Polycarbonate Crowns- Application

The crowns made of polycarbonate are extremely attrition-proof. They may be easily adapted to the gingival line by means of a cutter. The crowns protect the dentine against the influence of high and low temperatures, as well as protect a prepared tooth until a complete restoration is made. The polycarbonate crowns may be used in making provisional bridges.


  1. After removing the enamel, remove the smear layer from the dentine. Disinfect the whole surface up to the line of cervical zone after preparation. Block all dentinal tubules with appropriate preparation.

  2. Choose appropriate crown size, match the cervical part by cutting it, so that it reaches only the gingival line (matching to the gingiva, no subgingival nor supragingival matching), and then polish the sharp edges of the crown. The policarbonate crown should be disinfected with e.g. ethanol.

  3. Fill the policarbonate crown with temporary cement in a shade matching the colour to the colour of the adjacent teeth.

  4. Place the crown filled with temporary cement on prepared tooth and hold it until the material is hardened – remove the excess material.

The crown replaces a tooth in the dental arch, protecting the dentine and the pulp against the harmful influence of high and low temperatures, as well as against the attrition.

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