Matrices - Cervical Matrices- Application

When dealing with Class V cervical defect, it is very important to provide smooth filling surface. AnGer cervical matrix makes it possible to achieve in a very easy way and short time.

Cervical Matrices 1cor1

The cervical matrix is a polyester strip with two endings: a wide one and a narrow one. Delicately squeeze the flat lateral margins, so that the strip turns into a tube, and slide it into the supplied holder. The set includes a standard holder with the inside diameter of 6mm. The holder with the diameter of 4mm (18-T-4) applies in lower incisors, whereas the 7mm-holder (18-T-7) in large teeth.

Cervical Matrices 2cor1

Pull out either of the ends, depending on the tooth size. Insert the chosen end - wider or narrower - under the gum and gently press it to the tooth surface. Polymerize the filling through the matrix. Smooth surface achieved in such way lowers the risk of tartar and plaque and prevents troublesome gum irritations.

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