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Cones- Application

Polyester cones for root-core restorations are easy to use, save time and material, have great light conduction properties, as well as prevent the flow of filling material, especially in reconstruction of upper teeth.

The top diameter of each cone is 2mm narrower than the bottom diameter indicated in the code (expressed in 1/10mm, e.g R-C 60).

Cones are available in boxes with 10 or 36 pcs.


  1. When dealing with total lack of a tooth crown, before restoration begins, reconstruct first on the screw by means of glass ionomer the tooth "core" using AnGer transparent polyester cones.


  2. Once the screw needed for crown restoration is placed in the tooth root, choose an appropriate cone size. To prevent formation of air bubbles in the filling, perforate the top of the cone before putting the filling in.


  3. Fill the chosen cone with restorative material and place on the screw. Now you can start a composite crown restoration round so reconstructed "core". The layer method with the application of AnGer polyester crown forms will be a perfect solution.


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