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Matrices - Self-Locking Matrices- Application

For Class II restorations it is best to use AnGer self-locking polyester matrices. As there is no need of employing any additional tools or instruments, such as heavy metal holder (retainer) necessary for the other types of matrices, AnGer products guarantee comfort for both - dentists and patients. Moreover, the matrices are very easy to use.

To satisfy individual needs of dental professionals, AnGer offers matrices in two foil thicknesses: A-0.075mm and B-0.050mm.


1.Once a tooth is ready for filling, slide the self-locking matrix on - brim with the two curves towards the gum.

Class IIcor

2. Tighten the matrix by pressing the ring, starting at the very tip of the metal plate - flat section.


3. When the metal ring is locked, bend the metal plate aside. That assures good work conditions.


4. Secure the polyester matrix using one of AnGer light-conductive or elastic interdental wedges - depending on your needs.


5. Fill the defect with chosen material and cure.


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