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Added: 23/06/2020

Polyester Scaler with Smooth Sections

Now also available the version of polyester scaler with smooth secions for plaque removing.

Added: 14/10/2020

New shapes of key-rings!

To sugarcoat a bit the unpleasantness of the autumn foul weather, we recommend the new designs of the key-rings delivered in easy on the eye colours :) Available under the bookmark Key-Rings.


Added: 23/06/2020
Added: 23/06/2020

Engraved Round Clock

To our range of gadgets we have added a new wall clock with engraved tooth. The clock is available in a few colours.

Added: 09/03/2017

We recommend ENDOPIN

Ribbed plastic pins for impressions of prepared tooth canals.

More information in the bookmark Endopin.


Added: 25/08/2020

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