Matrices - Shaped Matrices- Application

If you are used to work with retainers (tensors) during Class II restorations, it is best to use AnGer Shaped Polyester Matrices. These matrices provide appropriate firm hold on the tooth without causing unnecessary deformations.

Matrices are offered in 4 sizes and 2 foil thicknesses to give better choice!

1. When tooth is ready to be filled, pick the appropriate size of matrix and fasten it in the retainer (tensor). Place the shaped polyester matrix round the tooth, then slide the matrix on - brim with two curves towards the gum.


2. If the interdental space is too tight, and there is a problem with pushing the matrix through the contact points, you should apply AnGer light-conductive wedges to separate the teeth temporarily. Insert the wedges between the teeth to widen the space gently and make it possible to move the matrix round the tooth and fit it perfectly to the tooth shape. When the edge of a matrix has passed through the contact point, remove the wedge and the smooth surface of polyester foil will make it possible to place the matrix properly.


3. Tighten the matrix next and, depending on your preferences, apply the transparent wedges again, if you need to lead the light to hard-accessible places, or apply the elastic wedges, if you need the matrix to adhere tightly to the tooth. Our elastic wedges have a great shape adaptation.


A correctly inserted matrix, secured with two transparent wedges, makes the work easy and assures high quality and precision of reconstruction done. During polymerisation the wedges allow for simultaneous illumination of the whole filled surface.


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