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Added: 21/06/2022

New packagings for mirrors

Our tooth-shaped mirrors with handle are now available in new packagings that take up much less space during transport, while protecting the product very well. Mirrors in previous bubble bags will be available while stocks last.

Added: 07/02/2022


We are glad to inform that the pink mirrors with handle in big (art 3004), as well as in small (art. 3008) version are available in sales again.
Moreover, to our colour range we have added a new one – grey.

Added: 17/06/2021

ISO Certificate

We are pleased to inform that we have obtained the ISO 13485 Certificate.

Added: 01/09/2021

Drink Coasters with Illumination

To our range of gadgets we have added the drink coasters with illumination - available in 3 printing designs.

The whole offer is available under the bookmark Drink Coasters.

Added: 05/08/2021


Refills of metal tapes and polyester tapes for the tooth-shaped box are from now on avaiable as cartridges.

Quick, easy & hygienic refilling - the tape tip does not back into the box.

Added: 23/06/2020

Polyester Scaler with Smooth Sections

Now also available the version of polyester scaler with smooth secions for plaque removing.

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